Amy P. Knight is a fiction writer and essayist. Her first novel, Lost, Almost, is coming from Engine Books in November, 2017.


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What people are saying:

Lost, Almost takes us into a magnetic world, one where characters orbit not just Los Alamos and the sciences, but also the appealingly hard-nosed physicist Adam Brooks. His son, his grandchildren and his colleagues all live within his gravitational pull, and it’s not just Brooks but his effect on their lives that forms the captivating core of the book. These characters’ passion for their work becomes the reader’s, and Amy Knight paints her brilliant subjects with confidence, empathy, and a deep understanding of psychology. Novels in stories so seldom find an organic shape, but Knight has managed to build a small solar system in these pages, one I was bereft to leave. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a tiny part in getting this book out into the world and introducing readers to a bold, enthralling, and often hilarious new voice.

Rebecca Makkai

Her stories and essays have also appeared in various publications:

The Amplitude of Empathy, Harmony, 2016

Separate Ways,  Chicken Soup for the Soul Twins and More, 2009

Framing, Touchstone, 2007 (first prize winner)

The Boyfriends, Euphony, 2007

Amy also writes a weekly column about building a sustainable house, The House We Live In, in the online magazine