Broken Harbor by Tana French

More of the beautifully written, rich-charactered Irish mysteries. This one felt perhaps a little more contrived than the lsat one– it depended on someone actually being crazy and hearing things, while all along I thought there would be an explanation.

It’s been a hard month, so I read yet another one, because they are diverting…

The Secret Place by Tana French

More genre-bending Irish mystery, this time set in a boarding school, a setting that has always appealed to me. There’s a genuine whodunnit with a locked room component that gives real suspense. But in the end the book has another component too, about adolescent friendships and growing up. The book goes on for a bit after the murder is solved, to explore this theme (to which the murder is linked, too), to the book’s benefit.


And now back to more literary things.

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