Outline by Rachel Cusk

I really loved this. It doesn’t have a plot, really, and it’d be hard to say what it’s about. A woman, spending a week in Athens, has conversations with a series of people, friends and strangers, where they do most of the talking and she doesn’t do all that much editorializing, but still we come to know her. It’s a mystery how Cusk makes that happen. The absence of action means it feels good to dip in and out, which is how I tend to read these days. And it all just feels true, devoid of any gimmick or awareness that you’re reading words, fiction, anything other than true living people.

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  1. Did you see there’s a sequel? Transit

    “Sequel to Rachel Cusk’s Outline”– Provided by publisher. “The stunning second novel of a trilogy that began with Outline, one of The New York Times Book Review’s ten best books of 2015 In the wake of family collapse, a writer and her two young sons move to London. The process of upheaval is the catalyst for a number of transitions–personal, moral, artistic, practical–as she endeavors to construct a new reality for herself and her children. I

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